Teleklik’s expert team provides IT infrastructure maintenance services for business users

Teleklik’s expert team provides IT infrastructure maintenance services for business users, which includes:

Technical support for Windows and Linux operating systems

Computer and server maintenance

Maintenance of various user applications on computers/servers

Local network maintenance

Organizing network protection via firewall

Organizing virus protection

Organizing data sharing on local networks and remote locations

Organizing backups and protecting business data

Installation, configuration, and maintenance of active network equipment

Implementation and maintenance of Microsoft 365 solutions

Implementation and maintenance of Microsoft Azure solutions

Implementation and maintenance of AWS solutions

Using modern software tools, Teleklik’s expert staff connects directly to your equipment via internet, performs system maintenance and resolves issues.
Teleklik offers two billing models for IT infrastructure maintenance and technical support services:

Monthly subscription

This model includes preventive and interventional maintenance of the IT infrastructure. Teleklik preventively maintains your IT system in order to keep it in satisfactory working conditions, systematically monitoring, detecting and correcting potential failures before they occur. Also, this model includes technical support based on a problem reported by the user. Teleklik takes care of your IT infrastructure to the extent that suits you and allows you to focus on important business issues.

The subscription price depends on the type and quantity of equipment that is subject to maintenance.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go model includes only interventional maintenance. The interventional maintenance service implies maintaining the IT infrastructure as needed, i.e., intervention upon request or reporting of problems by users, and the billing unit for the service is the (engineer/ technician) hour of time spent. If the user does not report any problem and/or does not have any requests, Teleklik will not perform any work and will not charge for the service.

Engineer hour: 60 EUR

Technician hour: 35 EUR

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