Professional symmetric internet - TelPro Net

Symmetric internet provides a symmetrical relationship between downloads and uploads, in other words the same speed for both sending and receiving of internet data.
Increasing upload speeds and having a symmetric internet connection will significantly increase your communication speeds, sending and exchanging of files and documents, online back-up data, video conference calls…
Allows for a safe, fast, and reliable internet connection with guaranteed speeds.
Symmetric internet is ideal for businesses seeking a stable connection and quality-level technological support.

TelPro Net is based on the direct Internet link who give you a secure, reliable and fast data transfer.
New customers will get a free test period for Internet access services , to ensure the quality of our services before final purchase.
With all internet packages users of TelPro Net access internet services , will get free fixed IP address, and Ethernet interface .

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About Teleklik professional symmetric internet

TelPro Net broadband internet services are based on professional symmetric connection internet speeds, with fixed and public IP addresses, and allow for a safe, fast, and reliable internet connectivity.

Service is absolutely transparent without a limit on data transfers, with the option for additional security measures depending on user preferences, and is ideal for companies that are looking for fast internet speeds, quality-level technological support and a high level of internet service availability.

Why choose Teleklik professional internet – TelPro Net?

Teleklik enables their users with the monitoring of Internet links, so that link usage can be checked at any given moment
Teleklik provides free installation and internet connectivity equipment for no additional charge
TelPro Net package program includes a fixed public IP address, and the Ethernet user interface
Teleklik symmetric internet link service is facilitated over wireless or optical connection infrastructure
Teleklik technical support is based around a 24/7 model, with a 60 minute response time window and a problem resolution window of 4 hours or less
Teleklik has made Internet access possible through two independent Internet links, which has drastically increased servicing availability

Advantages of Teleklik Internet for business users:

All TelPro Net packages allow for unlimited monthly traffic (Flat)
Free equipment and installation
Free fixed IP address
Signing up for a 24-month contract grants you a discount on TelPro Net service

Prices of symmetric internet link look HERE.

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asimetricni internet

Asymmetric business internet – TelBiz Net

ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
Asymmetric business internet is characterized by an asymmetrical relationship between download and upload speeds
Telekllik ADSL is suited for firmshavingas many as five workstations with a lower requirement for internet link strength
Asymmetric internet is suited for firms with primary operations that do not require the sending of large files over the internet
Asymmetric business internet is issued as part of a TelBiz package


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Wireless solutions - Planning WLAN networks

Planning WLAN networks is a service that aims to give business users the ability to provide their guests, visitors, and employees with high-quality, stable, and unlimited Wi-Fi (wireless) internet access within their place of business.
Envisioning, planning, and designing WLAN networks
Implementing WLAN networks
Resolving issues in existing Wi-Fi networks

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About professional Wireless solutions - Planning WLAN networks

Using their multi-year track record in creating wireless networks for public corporations, educational, health, economic, and cultural institutions, the Teleklik team of experts has defined and established a standard for the implementation of WLAN network solutions.

The following vendors and partners have been absolutely essential in allowing us to provide a wide palette of wireless equipment options and solutions to our customers:
Ruckus Wireless is a pioneer in the wireless Wi-Fi networking market, and it enables businesses to stay a step ahead of the demands of applications that require a reliable, secure, and high-quality wireless internet connection in extremely complex WLAN networks.
Xclaim Wireless is geared towards providing wireless internet access to smaller scale and less demanding networks that we commonly see every day, such as WLAN networks in cafes, smaller business spaces, gyms, and similar environments.

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