VPS hosting – TelPro VPS – Cloud IaaS

Activation of VPS service is free
With the VPS server you are given a personal IP address
Enabled access to the VPS console (SSH) from any location
VPS offer includes weekly rotational backup processes
Internet speed of 2/2Mbps
Windows/Linux VPS
Flat bandwith
VPS is an ideal option for business applications requiring a higher level of independent functioning
Any TelPro VPS server useris granted complete access to the server

VPS hosting
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About the Teleklik VPS offer– virtual private server TelPro VPS

Virtual private server (VPS) is a service best suited for users whose approach to web hosting requires greater autonomy and independence. With TelPro VPS all the needed resources are put at your disposal, which results in having total control over your server.

Teleklik platform for VPS is housed inside the fast and secure servers located inside our operations center, and the system is made possible with the most up to date technologies from the renowned manufacturer HP, with direct internet access.

By using Teleklik VPS services you relinquish the need for investing in hardware and additional internet connections, and a Teleklik expert team of professionals will help you in choosing the optimal VPS configurationthat meets the needs of your firm.


Enabled SSH access
99,9% uptime SLA
Technical support

Included in the package Biz S package Biz M package Biz L package Biz XL package
Guaranteed RAM 512MB 1GB 2GB 2GB
Maximum RAM 1GB 2GB 4GB 4GB
CPU Core 1 Core 1 Core 2 Core 4 core
Disc Space – HDD 20GB 40GB 60GB 100GB
Phone/email support 24/7 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Disc protection RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10
Weekly rotating backup process three available backups three available backups three available backups three available backups
Internet speed 2/2Mbps 2/2Mbps 2/2Mbps 2/2Mbps
Monthly usage (Mbps) unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
IP addresses 1 IP addresses 1 IP addresses 2 IP addresses 2 IP addresses
Operating system Linux Linux Linux Linux
Service activation free free free free
shared web mail

Shared web and email hosting – TelBiz Hosting

Free Setup
Free domain registration
Flat Bandwidth
Windows & Linux platforms
Plesk Control Panel
Disc space available upon request
MySQL, Microsoft SQL
Server location inside the Data center in Banjaluka
Free activation services
Phone and email support 24/7/365

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About Teleklik web and email hosting – TelBiz hosting

Teleklik web hosting platforms are stable, and represent the best price-quality ratio, meeting the highest standards and allowing users to access, change, and save their web content at any moment, through the usage of web panels.

Your choice for a TelBiz Hosting package depends on the properties of your website, as well as its volume and Internet work related needs.

TelBiz Hosting package is required to accommodate the size of the web site, its growth rate, the traffic and exchange of information on the site, and to adapt to the needs for changing website content.

For this reason, Teleklik is offering hosting packages that will completely address the needs for a variety of websites, ranging from the smallest personal site to the largest business presentation page.

Included in the package Basic Standard Professional Premium Other packages per request
Disc space - HDD 512MB 1GB 5GB 10GB per contract
Monthly bandwidth (Mbps) unlimited
Control Panel Plesk
Number of domains 1 5 15 25 per contract
Number of subdomains 10 20 40 60 per contract
Phone and email support 24/7 unlimited
Number of email accounts 50 100 200 300 per contract
Email space per inbox Limited to purchased disc space
Databases 10 20 40 60 per contract
Uptime SLA 99,9%
Operating system Linux/Windows
Activation service free

Reseller hosting

Teleklik reseller program is an ideal way to offer complete hosting services to your users under your company's name. Moreover, it enables you to start up your own private business and to potentially earn a lot while investing a little.

Free Setup
Monthly and yearly subscription fees
Flat Bandwidth
Windows & Linux platforms
Plesk Control Panel
MySQL, Microsoft SQL

reseller hosting
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About the Teleklik hosting sales program – Reseller hosting

Teleklik Reseller hosting is the type of web hosting that enables the hosting of multiple websites all on the same account. Moreover, users are expected to purchase reseller hosting services if their plans involve selling hosting services to their clients.

Numerous web designers that are in need of larger hosting packages because of their clientsare using the leased space and bandwidth for hosting 3rd party pages for additional fees, which essentially makes them into resellers.


As a reseller, you are able to sell hosting packages under your company's name, but are also able to create your own custom hosting package names such as S hosting package, M hosting package, L hosting package, etc.

You determine your options, space, traffic, and the price of every hosting package. You are selling your hosting packages to your own clients.

Reseller hosting does not require advanced knowledge of web hosting administration. That, as well as the maintenance of web infrastructure and hardware, is the responsibility of Teleklik, on whose behalfyou are reselling,

Disc space 10GB 20GB 30GB
Disc protection RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10
Monthly bandwidth Flat Flat Flat
Technical support 24/7
Control Panel Plesk Plesk Plesk
Number of domains 25 50 100
My SQL databases 200 300 400
Email accounts 300 400 500
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mail server

Businessemail solution – TelPro Mail Server

Efficient mail navigation
Web and desktop access
Mail synchronization
Calendar, tracking of tasks and sharing them with colleagues
Efficient mail navigation during times of absence
Complete access to configuration options where it is possible to completely personalize your email services
Total antivirus and anti-spam protection
Creation of safe data copies
Receiving and sending of email and synchronization with mobile devices
Use of email clients such as: Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac mail, Eudora or any other POP/IMAP desktop software
Mail Server is housed inside the Teleklik Data Center in Banjaluka

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Aboutthe businessemail server solution – TelPro Mail server

Teleklik Cloud business email server is the right solution for advanced business users. It combines electronic mail, calendar and collaboration tools, instant messaging, as well as sharing of work tasks.

If you require electronic mail and data access whenever, wherever, and for an affordable price, Teleklik Cloud mail server is the right solution for you because it guarantees:
simple email account navigation by using any internet browser
fast access to electronic mail, calendar, contacts, business tasks and notes
e-mail account access from any desired device (laptop, tablet, mobilephone, ...)
internet connection is all that is required

Teleklik businessemail server does not depend on an operating system or installed computer software, or a mobile phone or any other device used to connect to the internet. The user does not need to change their habits or sacrifice any existing functionality, but can instead simply utilize any email client such as: Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac mail, Eudora or any other POP/IMAP desktop software.

It is understood that security and accessibility of data are of essential importance to companies, and a private email server ensures the presence of both.

Teleklik platform for the Cloud email server is housed inside the fast and secure servers located inside our data center in Banjaluka, and the system is made possible with the latest state of the art technologies from the renowned manufacturer HP, with direct internet access.

Included in the package Biznis M package Biznis L package Biznis XL package Other packages per request
Webmail access Yes
Antivirus and antispam filters Yes
POP3 & IMAP support Yes
Disc space - HDD 40GB 60GB 100GB per contract
Phone and email support 24/7 unlimited
Number of email accounts unlimited
Email/inbox storage space per inbox limited to purchased disc capacity
Rotational weekly backup process three available backups per contract
Internet speed 2/2Mbps per contract
Monthly traffic (Mbps) unlimited
Operating system Linux
Activation service free
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Professional email solution – Microsoft Exchange Mail Server

With the exchange server, the user has complete control over everything, whether the solution requires cloud, being on premises, or a hybrid solution.
Prevention of data loss, because all mail is stored on Microsoft servers
Web-based Exchange administration center
Exchange email is accessible over any device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.), as is the ability to perform advanced tasks such as calendar and file sharing
Enabled use of Outlook applications for iOS, Windows and Android operating systems and the usage of email by means of web access

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