CLOUD telephone center – TelPro Pbx

TelPro Pbx enables faster dialing and free phonecalls within the company, in one or more locations
TelPro Pbx enables the integration of mobile and landline telephone numbers into a single local network
TelPro Pbx enables the control of capital (CAPEX) and operating (OPEX) expenses
No need to depend on a telephone operator when connecting and adding locations and areas into the PBX system
Numerous additional telephone servicesaimed at improving and advancing business communications inside and outside the firm

cloud pbx
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About TelPro Pbx telephone center inside CLOUD

TelPro Pbx telephone center inside cloud enables free telephone calls for internal employees at one or more locations. It is ideal for companies with remote locations in various cities or multiple international locations.

TelPro Pbx center enables the connecting of an IP telephone, a regular analog telephone or a cloud telephone (softphone) to a VoIP Pbx line. Furthermore, mobile telephones can be connected to the IP PBX system since an internet connection will enable the mobile phone user to be recognized as a local caller.

By connecting all of your locations through a VoIP Pbx infrastructure where all dialing to and from any location is done over the internet, you eliminate the need for a Telecomm company and avoid significant expenses.

In case your company's headquarters are in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with an office in Serbia, Pbx allows any dialing to Serbia from Bosnia and Herzegovina to happen over the internet at your hub in BiHby dialing your hub in Serbia where the call will enter the Serbian telephone network. This allows you to bypass regular telecomm lines by essentially using your Serbian hub to call any local Serbian number at only the cost of using the local network.

Dialing is easier/shorter (due to calling locally)
Enables numerous functions that allow for simpler telephone call management (call routing, placing calls on-hold, rotation of company mandated group invites, automatic voicemail, call recording, etc.)
Lesser need for new investments, or fixed expenses – no need for investing in a new telephone center, and therefore no amortization costs
Scalable solutions – new working station is a new location, in case of fewer working stations there are automatically fewer locations
Mobile phones can be connected to the PBX system – an internet connection allows your mobile calls to be treated as if they were local calls
No need to depend on a telecomm operator when making or managing calls
External calls are still subject to telecomm operator charges, as Teleklik is not involved in this area of communications
The user is able to choose telephone lines (numbers) from any telecomm operator in the world
IP telephones are available per request.

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cloud drive

TelBiz Cloud Drive

TelBiz Cloud Drive service covers storage and synchronization of files and folders across devices
TelBiz Cloud Drive client is installed on your computer and serves as a way to easily synchronize and backup files and folders by placing them inside the Cloud Drive folder
Enabled web and desktop access
Storage of data on Teleklik servers
Storage of all file types - documents, videos, music, pictures
Data is sharable and cannot be lost
Collaborative document editing
Contacts, calendar, and bookmarks sharing


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About TelBiz Cloud Drive data storage system

Teleklik Cloud Drive ensures that every user is equipped with an online disc with data that is accessible from any location, by using a variety of different methods, with the added ability of file sharing.
In case you prefer to have local access to your data while at work, and remote access to your files while at home, Teleklik Cloud Drive can give you that ability.

Cloud Drive users are able to store their desired content on servers located inside the Teleklik Data center that can be accessed from any platform or device.

Data can be accessed through the web, or through the local client on a personal computer
Each employee has access to an individual Cloud Drive where data can be stored
Besides data storage, TelBiz Cloud Drive service includes file sharing, in other words the ability to have shared access to saved information which eliminates the need for emailing and reproduction of information

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Bitdefender Cloud antivirus

Cloud antivirus solutions for corporate clients is provided in cooperation with the company Bitdefender as their licensed partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Bitdefender is the creator of the world's fastest and most efficient certified Internet security software.
Cloud antivirus is designed to protect any computing system in an unintrusive and unnoticeable manner.
The advantage of Cloud antivirusis that its user does not need to install and update it, or scan and remove any viral content.


cloud antivirus
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Aboutprofessional Bitdefender Cloud antivirus solution

Bitdefender Cloud antivirus protects the network, computers, servers, and data from malicious application programs.

Advantages of Cloud antivirus are centralized administration of virus protection processes, support for an unlimited number of workstations,as well as its ability to provide equal levels of protection to both mobile and geographically independent workstations.

Cloud antivirus provides workstation protection as well as server protection. Besides the standard options for detecting malicious programs, it provides an array of advanced features for regulation and control of internet traffic.

Bitdefender is the creator of one of the world's fastest and most efficient world-renown and certified internet security software.
Bitdefender Cloud antivirus is aimed at servicing companies with multiple branches and remote locations in order to reduce risk, expenditure of resources, and expenses related to protection of informational assets.
Bitdefender cloud antivirus is designed to protect any computer system in an unintrusive and unnoticeable manner.
Bitdefender cloud antivirus provides all the features of a standard workstation and server protection solution without the additional expenses stemming from hardware, software, or specialized IT personnel, making its service model a favorite among businesses that are in the market for simple and accessible security solutions.
Teleklik technical support for Bitdefender cloud antivirus is based on a 24/7 model, with a response time window of 60 minutes or less.

Bitdefender golden partner

What is Cloud antivirus solution?

Differing from the traditional corporate implementation model for antivirus solutions, where a local in-house server is used for antivirus software installation, Cloud antivirus allows users to access an online portal/console through which they are given access to various antivirus agents and are able to choose how many are installed.

Teleklik provides complete monitoring of any equipment containingcloud antivirus software, early warning and preventative actions, as well as technical support regarding implementation.

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cloud vpn

Cloud VPN

Cloud VPN – Virtual Private Network is your virtual private network. This translates to using the internet as an infrastructure in which a well protected tunnel is designed through which a flow of information takes place, that is accessible only to yourself.
Cloud VPN priority is best suited for those users that are often on the move or often work from home, but that also have a need for information located on servers away from their location.

VPN cloud makes it possible to utilize an additional device (tablet, laptop, personal computer) to access company files.
Prior to connecting to your VPN it is very important to enter your username and password, to log in, and access your designated content.


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About connecting locations to a private network - Cloud VPN

Teleklik Cloud VPN services enables you to use internet infrastructure to connect multiple locations (office, equipment) to a virtual private network (VPN), to gain access to your business network from any geographical location, and to do it safely and securely without any danger to your network. Cloud VPN is accessed by internet browser, computer application, tablet, or mobile phone.

By using our VPN cloud service it is possible to reduce website traffic cost, since this technology does not require the use of a telecomm operator phone line. The type of line does not matter, and the distance to remote locations is negligible, because besides the VPN cloud service that is offered within our network, users are able to use us to connect any two locations inside BiH as well as the world.

Teleklik Cloud VPN is a flexible way of establishing communication that improves productivity and network effectiveness, and is a time and money saver for the user.

Why Teleklik Cloud VPN?

Teleklik provides the highest degree of data protection without the need for additional equipment.
Teleklik Cloud VPN technology enables the integration of multiple locations of your company into a single local network (LAN).
Teleklik ensures lower maintenance expenses - trust us, your partner, with your system's maintenance needs.
Teleklik Cloud VPN serviceis a flexible way of establishing communication that improves productivity and network effectiveness.
Activation of services requires the installation of a minimum of two clients.

Pošalji upit

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a tool that you are familiar with, but with the advantages and flexibility of cloud services!

MS Office 365 from cloud enables the use of well known programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, and Outlook with the option to store business documentation in cloud (on Microsoft servers) and/or „on premise“ (on your personal computer).


Microsoft 365 enables access to the latest versions of documents
Automatic application updates
Ability to install Office on 5 different devices for every user
Cloud data storage allows access from any place
Complete mobility with Office 365 applications on smart phones or tablets


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About Office 365 programs package

Besides „standard“ uses for Microsoft Office packages, Office 365 offers the following:
Creation and sharing of tasks through the calendar
Working simultaneously on the same documents
Online chat with colleagues over the internet – Yammer or by using Skype for business
Tracking of favorite websites, or bookmarks
Enabled email communication (depending on MS Office type) – Microsoft Exchange
Space starting at 1TB for data storage – OneDrive
Uploading of videos and pictures
Organizing pictures into stories, presentations, newsletters that can be shared with colleagues or partners through email or with social media - Sway

It does not matter whether you are an iOS, Android, or a Windows user, Microsoft office 365 is supported by all three platforms which gives you flexibility and savings as well as a way to protect your investment. MS office 365 plays the role of your VIRTUAL OFFICE!

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